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Senate votes to roll back Dodd-Frank: U-M expert can comment Mar 15, 2018
2018 Winter Games: U-M experts available Feb 07, 2018
Michigan flu bad but may peak soon, says U-M expert Jan 26, 2018
State of the Union address: U-M expert available to discuss Jan 23, 2018
No money requested for consumer protection: U-M expert available Jan 19, 2018
2017 among warmest years on record: U-M experts available Jan 18, 2018
Michigan meteor: U-M experts can discuss Jan 17, 2018
End of protected status for Salvadorans: U-M experts respond Jan 10, 2018
Repeal of net neutrality: U-M experts available Dec 14, 2017
Eruption of Mount Agung in Indonesia: U-M experts available to discuss Nov 29, 2017
Net neutrality repeal: U-M experts available Nov 21, 2017
Earthquake along the Iraq-Iran border: U-M experts available Nov 13, 2017
U-M free speech experts available Nov 07, 2017
Paradise Papers leak: U-M experts can discuss Nov 06, 2017
Release of Climate Science Special Report: U-M experts can respond Nov 06, 2017
President Trump's first Asia visit: U-M experts can comment Nov 03, 2017
Russian hearings: Difficult to police the platforms Nov 02, 2017
Trump declares opioid crisis a public health emergency: U-M experts available Oct 26, 2017
China's 19th Party Congress: U-M experts can discuss Oct 12, 2017
U-M cryo-electron microscopy experts available to comment on Nobel Prize Oct 04, 2017