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How to give ourselves advice as good as we give others Jun 09, 2014
A simulated city for automated cars to open at U-Michigan Jun 06, 2014
Despite its British origins, Americans get a bad rap for using the word ‘soccer’ Jun 05, 2014
U-M study: Smarter kids can choke under pressure Jun 05, 2014
A new way to make laser-like beams using 250x less power Jun 05, 2014
Fuel economy of new vehicles at highest mark ever Jun 05, 2014
Fracking is rare in Michigan, but still generates concern Jun 04, 2014
Researchers join forces to study high school dual-credit policy Jun 03, 2014
U-Michigan experts available to discuss new EPA carbon-cutting plan Jun 02, 2014
Choosing one drug over another to treat blindness could save Medicare billions Jun 02, 2014
Exploring the intersection of neuroscience and art Jun 02, 2014
Lake Superior's frigid summer forecast: Coldest surface water since 1979? Jun 02, 2014
Discovery of protein that regulates cellular recycling yields new drug targets May 30, 2014
Main concern of consumers: Dismal wage prospects May 30, 2014
Dance preview 'Into the Wind' represents unique, collaborative look at wind energy May 29, 2014
U-M is key partner in national concussion research initiative May 29, 2014
Michigan’s University Research Corridor plays major role in protecting and advancing Michigan’s ‘Blue Economy’ May 29, 2014
Brazil will enjoy a big bump in attendance after World Cup games May 28, 2014
U-M President Coleman wins Cassandra Pyle Award for international education May 27, 2014
U-M celebrates the legacy of filmmaker John Sayles May 27, 2014