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U-M summer program guide has activities for all ages Apr 06, 1997
Project aims to ease transition between high school, college level German Apr 06, 1997
'Qamel' wins top honors as modular commercial off-road vehicle Apr 06, 1997
A. Sidney Johnson of American Public Welfare Association speaks on child welfare April 14. Apr 02, 1997
Culture conference links U-M with community Apr 02, 1997
Goal of new ISR training program for South Africans is to overcome a "legacy of distortion." Apr 02, 1997
Lecture, exhibit by architect Peter Forbes April 11 at College of Architecture and Urban Planning Apr 02, 1997
Student takes action to institute stronger religious-academic conflict policy Apr 01, 1997
U-M Regents will meet April 17-18 Apr 01, 1997
Panel to discuss women's college sports Apr 01, 1997
Municipalities thinking of funding a new sports stadium should make a critical demand: "Show me the money!" Apr 01, 1997
Air bags can injure forearms, hands, face; but most injuries are mild Mar 30, 1997
President Lee Bollinger's inauguration Mar 30, 1997
Engineering students to be in NASA micro-gravity flight Mar 30, 1997
U-M to be part of NSF high-performance computing initiative Mar 30, 1997
ADVISORY Mar 27, 1997
It's not too early to sign up for summer fun Mar 27, 1997
"Indigenous healing" to be discussed Mar 27, 1997
New rural renaissance reflects 1990s version of white flight, according to U-M study Mar 26, 1997
U-M students gain hands-on field experience in natural woodlands Mar 25, 1997