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Roads pose more risk in some places than poor health Feb 20, 2014
Multidisciplinary U-M team awarded NIH grant to track kidney disease in the US Feb 20, 2014
Chemical chaperones have helped proteins do their jobs for billions of years Feb 20, 2014
U-M China Data Center hosts most visiting scholars ever Feb 20, 2014
U-M expert can discuss national health survey on Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders Feb 20, 2014
U-M School of Public Health, Detroit partners aim to improve air quality in the city Feb 18, 2014
New U-M police chief named Feb 18, 2014
Three U-Michigan scientists receive Sloan fellowships Feb 18, 2014
U-M experts ready to discuss Obama's trip to Mexico Feb 18, 2014
Gene-based cancer diagnosis tech wins statewide entrepreneurship contest Feb 17, 2014
Tackling turbulence with big data and a $1.6M NASA grant Feb 14, 2014
U-M competition seeks mobility strategies for Detroit Feb 13, 2014
Methane leaks in the US are undercounted, new study shows Feb 13, 2014
Help for a scarred heart: Scarring cells turned to beating muscle Feb 12, 2014
U-M lecture looks at how college maintains inequality Feb 12, 2014
New program expands Islamic studies in America’s heartland Feb 12, 2014
Poor conditions early in life may lead to health problems for many elderly in the developing world Feb 12, 2014
U-M startup AlertWatch gains FDA clearance to sell patient monitoring software Feb 11, 2014
U-M among top Peace Corps schools Feb 11, 2014
Business contest aims to grow entrepreneurial roots in Michigan Feb 10, 2014