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New lightweight metals institute will be headquartered in Detroit Jul 23, 2014
Support for carbon tax grows when revenue fuels renewable energy Jul 22, 2014
All HIV not created equal: Scientists believe they can identify which viruses cause infection Jul 20, 2014
$3M global sustainability grant to fund collaborative energy, food problem-solving on three continents Jul 17, 2014
U-M initiative transforming what it means to ‘go to court’ Jul 17, 2014
Watch your step: Older African Americans fall less often Jul 16, 2014
U-M receives NCAA grant for student-athlete mental health project Jul 16, 2014
Toward ultimate light efficiency on the cheap Jul 15, 2014
Traffic death rates higher in Northern Plains, South Jul 15, 2014
Michigan Solar Car to defend title in race across Great Plains Jul 14, 2014
Deep within spinach leaves, vibrations enhance efficiency of photosynthesis Jul 13, 2014
There’s an app for that: Researchers harness a powerful new source of up-to-date information on economic activity Jul 10, 2014
U-M, partners predict significant harmful algae bloom in western Lake Erie this summer Jul 10, 2014
Straits of Mackinac ‘worst possible place’ for a Great Lakes oil spill, U-M researcher concludes Jul 10, 2014
Chronic care financial burden goes beyond actual costs Jul 10, 2014
U-M Survey: As use of wind power grows in Michigan, so does its support Jul 09, 2014
Gender Trading Gap: Male executives fare better than their female colleagues on insider trades Jul 09, 2014
Short lives, violent deaths: Two CT-scanned Siberian mammoth calves yield trove of insights Jul 08, 2014
Electronic health records don’t increase Medicare fraud, study finds Jul 08, 2014
U-M to conduct Emergency Response Exercise July 9 Jul 07, 2014