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Closest look yet at killer T-cell activity could yield new approach to tackling antibiotic resistance Oct 26, 2017
Thruster for Mars mission breaks records Oct 23, 2017
How to Science: U-M researcher podcasts about the people behind the pipette Oct 23, 2017
Fuel economy worse in fall, winter thanks to higher share of new light trucks sold Oct 23, 2017
Study sheds light on relationship between environment, hormones and evolution Oct 23, 2017
U-M Bicentennial Fall Festival concludes with Third Century Expo, HAILstorm! Oct 23, 2017
Electricity from shale gas vs. coal: Lifetime toxic releases from coal much higher Oct 23, 2017
Better targeting in prevention could help curb TB infections in low-income, low-HIV countries Oct 20, 2017
U-M endowment rebounds to $10.9B with 13.8 percent return on investment Oct 19, 2017
Climate Change Summit at U-M Oct 19, 2017
Venezuela Votes Oct 19, 2017
U-M looks to identify men in rare African-American Civilian Conservation Corps collection Oct 19, 2017
Final bicentennial colloquium 'Campus of the Future' focuses on student innovation Oct 19, 2017
A seemingly symbolic action shifted the climate change debate Oct 19, 2017
Reducing salt in restaurant food: Some progress made but more needed Oct 19, 2017
Leinweber Foundation gives $8M for physics center in U-M's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Oct 19, 2017
Celebrating 100 years of Barbour scholarships Oct 18, 2017
A better way to produce metal-organic frameworks Oct 18, 2017
Software improves captioning for those with hearing deficits Oct 17, 2017
Refugees infuse up to $295M a year in southeast Michigan economy Oct 17, 2017