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U-M startup AlertWatch gains FDA clearance to sell patient monitoring software Feb 11, 2014
U-M among top Peace Corps schools Feb 11, 2014
Business contest aims to grow entrepreneurial roots in Michigan Feb 10, 2014
Dinosaur-eating snake fossil comes to life in rare U-M exhibit and lecture Feb 10, 2014
Decoding dengue and West Nile: Researchers take steps toward control of growing public health problems Feb 06, 2014
Women's rights are good for men's health Feb 06, 2014
Vitamin A deficiency associated with more frequent childhood illness Feb 06, 2014
Fuel economy up, vehicle emissions at record low Feb 05, 2014
Gaming the classroom: Teaching style motivates, engages Feb 05, 2014
U-M to join national effort to train 100,000 STEM teachers by 2021 Feb 05, 2014
How states can encourage web-based health care in hospitals Feb 04, 2014
Most teen workers spend, not save Feb 04, 2014
Global corporate responsibility goes beyond banning bribes Feb 04, 2014
U-M plays integral role in connected vehicle technology research Feb 03, 2014
U-M professor wins national award for innovative teaching Feb 03, 2014
U-M poll: Detroit bankruptcy was the right decision Feb 03, 2014
Positive feelings about race, ethnicity signal better outcomes for minority youth Feb 03, 2014
Liver tumors found in mice exposed to BPA Feb 03, 2014
Recent gains keep confidence warm in January Jan 31, 2014
U-M experts available to discuss Winter Olympics Jan 29, 2014