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Michigan wood frogs breed earlier, produce fewer eggs after warmer winters; tadpoles develop more slowly Sept 29, 2014
U-M experts available to discuss Hong Kong protests Sept 29, 2014
Consumer sentiment strengthens in September Sept 26, 2014
Unique program brings African scholars to U-M Sept 25, 2014
The water in your bottle might be older than the sun Sept 25, 2014
An ambassador's analysis: Mel Levitsky discusses Brazil's presidential election Sept 25, 2014
Dentists meet increased demand as health care act widens Sept 25, 2014
Live long and phosphor: Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics Sept 25, 2014
U-M experts available to discuss Indian leader's U.S. visit Sept 24, 2014
Workers who exercise lower health risks, cost less Sept 24, 2014
U-M Center for the Discovery of New Medicines announces new grants for drug discovery research Sept 24, 2014
U-Michigan unveils historic George Gershwin piano; dedication concert by students, faculty Sept 23, 2014
Hungarian philosopher Agnes Heller to receive Wallenberg Medal Sept 23, 2014
Drilling into an active earthquake fault in New Zealand Sept 23, 2014
Natural born killers: Chimpanzee violence is an evolutionary strategy Sept 18, 2014
Should 'scrappers' go mainstream in Detroit? Sept 18, 2014
American National Election Studies receives $10M in federal funding Sept 18, 2014
Play based on Steubenville rape case opens at U-M, part of campuswide campaign to prevent sexual assault Sept 17, 2014
Popular Science puts U-M engineer on Brilliant Ten list Sept 17, 2014
Who drives Alibaba's Taobao traffic—buyers or sellers? Sept 17, 2014