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Fear of violence leads to weight problems for some young women May 12, 2016
Accessible color palettes: New tool for web designers May 12, 2016
U-M seminars: The role of microbes in maintaining a habitable planet, personal health May 11, 2016
U-M researchers, partners, residents celebrate completion of innovative Detroit 'bioretention gardens' May 11, 2016
Phones at the dinner table: U-M study explores attitudes May 10, 2016
Award will allow U-M to create a method to share intelligence on rare disease treatments May 09, 2016
Philippines elections, results: U-M experts can discuss May 09, 2016
U-M student ventures highlighted in new report May 09, 2016
Smartphones uncover how the world sleeps May 06, 2016
How to boost your crowdfunding success May 06, 2016
Link between depression, hopelessness stronger for whites than blacks May 06, 2016
Free-standing two-legged robot conquers terrain May 05, 2016
U-M professors elected to National Academy of Sciences May 05, 2016
FDA ruling on e-cigarettes: U-M experts available May 05, 2016
Oakland County's growth favors high-wage jobs May 05, 2016
Deadly snakes or just pretending? The evolution of mimicry May 05, 2016
Fuel economy drops in April May 04, 2016
'Kidney on a chip' could lead to safer drug dosing May 04, 2016
U-M to host finals concerts for M-Prize, the world's largest chamber music competition May 04, 2016
'Starspot' images give insights into early sun May 04, 2016