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Your ticket to Opening Day at the U-M Detroit Center Mar 24, 2014
New dangerous currents outreach program focuses on Michigan's Great Lakes coasts Mar 21, 2014
Alfred Taubman gives $12.5 million for architecture, urban planning facilities at U-M Mar 20, 2014
University of Michigan selects new treasurer Mar 20, 2014
U-M looks to broaden sources of research funding Mar 20, 2014
Johns appointed interim head of U-M Health System Mar 20, 2014
Social networks in homes help preschool children who see domestic violence Mar 20, 2014
Hundreds of U-M students will help beautify Detroit Mar 20, 2014
Magnetic behavior discovery could advance nuclear fusion Mar 19, 2014
Education, finances affect risk of heart disease more for women than men Mar 19, 2014
U-M students compile list of top ecological conflicts in US history Mar 19, 2014
U-M survey finds surprising attitudes toward energy costs, environmental impact Mar 19, 2014
U-M experts call for policies to turn shale gas boom into manufacturing jobs Mar 19, 2014
Major gravity wave discovery supports U-M physicist's 25-year-old theory Mar 19, 2014
Tea and sympathy: Fair trade leads to unfair deal for Darjeeling workers Mar 18, 2014
Future of Peace Corps to be discussed Mar 17, 2014
U-M Detroit Center to show documentary about writer James Baldwin Mar 17, 2014
U-M scientists slow development of Alzheimer's trademark cell-killing plaques Mar 17, 2014
Annual Native American powwow convenes April 5-6 Mar 17, 2014
Wallenberg Fellow: Exploring the social impact of TB in Peru Mar 17, 2014