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Humans on Mars: U-M thruster a serious contender to get there Feb 18, 2016
Fuel-efficient cars: Best way to fight climate change Feb 16, 2016
New anti-biofilm compounds show promise against drug-resistant bacteria linked to hospital infections Feb 16, 2016
U-M awarded $3M to bring successful health intervention program to Chicago Feb 15, 2016
Impact of Justice Scalia's death: U-M experts available Feb 15, 2016
On Darwin's birthday, tomato genetics study sheds light on plant evolution Feb 12, 2016
On Airbnb it pays to be a professional Feb 11, 2016
Wage Growth in the U.S. Feb 11, 2016
Gravitational waves detected 100 years after Einstein's prediction Feb 11, 2016
ASEAN summit: U-M experts can discuss what to expect Feb 10, 2016
Compliance cannot compel ethical behavior Feb 10, 2016
Zika virus: U-M experts available Feb 09, 2016
Electricity in India: Many still live in darkness Feb 09, 2016
Desilting ponds in India benefit farmers, environment Feb 09, 2016
Flint water crisis: U-M experts available to discuss Feb 08, 2016
Keeping tabs: Insecure teens use social media to harass, threaten dating partner Feb 08, 2016
A football helmet design that listens to physics Feb 05, 2016
U-M acquires the archive of filmmaker Nancy Savoca Feb 04, 2016
New fathers-to-be vulnerable to media messages about dad roles Feb 04, 2016
NEA chairman Jane Chu to speak at U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance commencement Feb 04, 2016