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U-M ecologist wins prestigious award for young scientists Dec 04, 2014
U-Michigan joins national effort to expand college access Dec 04, 2014
Vehicle fuel economy remains unchanged in November Dec 04, 2014
U-Michigan launches new minor in entrepreneurship Dec 03, 2014
U-M releases online tool to help cities in Great Lakes region plan for climate impacts Dec 03, 2014
Mom's obesity linked to full-term infant death Dec 02, 2014
1,000 Pitches winners part of national movement Dec 02, 2014
Predators and isolation shape the evolution of ‘island tameness,’ providing conservation insights Dec 01, 2014
Most of Earth's carbon may be hidden in the planet's inner core, new model suggests Dec 01, 2014
U-M students to show projects that connect city of Jackson with residents Nov 26, 2014
Consumer sentiment brightens holiday spending Nov 26, 2014
Giving Blueday: U-M holds 24-hour online campaign Nov 26, 2014
U-M students compete in product development trade show Nov 25, 2014
Heat-conducting plastic developed at U-Michigan Nov 25, 2014
Unmet needs of older Americans common in many living settings Nov 25, 2014
U-M faculty develop innovative teaching projects for the university's third century Nov 25, 2014
Dr. Marschall Runge recommended to lead U-M Health System Nov 24, 2014
Scientists identify bone cells that could help children who need corrective facial surgery Nov 24, 2014
Eight U-M scientists, engineers named AAAS Fellows Nov 24, 2014
Teens prescribed anxiety, sleep medications likelier to illegally abuse them later Nov 24, 2014