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Female scientists to sample plastics in all five Great Lakes Aug 15, 2016
Show you're being green, and customers conserve Aug 15, 2016
Grant helps connect U-M Matthaei Botanical Gardens to Southeast Michigan County trail system Aug 12, 2016
Depression a strong predictor of heart disease in black, but not white, adults Aug 12, 2016
U-M student draws on personal experience for prosthetics research Aug 11, 2016
Motorized prosthetics improves lives of amputees Aug 11, 2016
Toyota Research Institute partners with U-M to accelerate artificial intelligence research Aug 10, 2016
Smoking greatly reduces life expectancy for those with serious mental illness Aug 10, 2016
Differences persist between older blacks, whites in years lived without disability Aug 09, 2016
Ability to quit smoking differs by race Aug 08, 2016
Michigan Solar Car defends national title in sweeping victory Aug 07, 2016
Indian parliament passes biggest tax reform bill: U-M experts can comment Aug 05, 2016
Vehicle fuel economy rose last month Aug 05, 2016
Q&A on the Olympics with Andrei Markovits: Why Rio needs the Olympics now more than ever Aug 04, 2016
Uber-Didi deal: U-M experts can discuss Aug 02, 2016
Michigan life science innovators: Apply now for funds to kickstart an idea Aug 02, 2016
Republicans increasingly noncommittal on global warming Aug 02, 2016
Images in climate change stories spur readers to action Aug 02, 2016
Zika virus found in Florida: U-M experts available Jul 29, 2016
July consumer confidence: Improved finances, low interest rates support spending Jul 29, 2016