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Most youth use e-cigarettes for novelty, flavors—not to quit smoking Dec 16, 2015
Cigarillo use increases estimates of teen smoking rates by half Dec 16, 2015
Teen cigarette smoking drops to historic low in 2015 Dec 16, 2015
Forecast 2016: Mergers and acquisitions Dec 15, 2015
U-M course challenges students to learn about Native American culture through immersion Dec 14, 2015
U-Michigan experts: Reaction to Paris climate deal Dec 12, 2015
Chewie asks: How close are we to Star Wars tech? Dec 11, 2015
Paris climate conference: U-M experts available Dec 11, 2015
Heat radiates 10,000 times faster at the nanoscale Dec 10, 2015
Unhealthy choices cost company health care plans billions of dollars Dec 10, 2015
Private-sector workers with PhDs help stimulate economy Dec 10, 2015
Mapping the brain: Probes with tiny LEDs shed light on neural pathways Dec 10, 2015
Kelbaugh honored for excellence in architectural education with Topaz Medallion Dec 10, 2015
Lie-detecting software uses real court case data Dec 10, 2015
Neighborhoods impact health of South Asian women in US Dec 10, 2015
Air pollution in China: U-M experts available Dec 09, 2015
Ear infections in Africa—a new U-M partnership Dec 09, 2015
Forecast 2016: Avoiding corporate scandals Dec 09, 2015
Budget surplus: Leaders and residents mostly align Dec 09, 2015
Forecast 2016: U-M's Gretchen Spreitzer on workplace trends Dec 08, 2015