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Researcher identifies North American hotspots for fish conservation Feb 17, 2003
Regents will meet February 20 Feb 17, 2003
Reputation valuable for eBay sellers Feb 17, 2003
Multi-ethnic studies find no single gene cause for hypertension Feb 17, 2003
Customer satisfaction down a bit; consumer spending should improve Feb 17, 2003
U-M to file Supreme Court briefs Tuesday; will be joined by more than 300 organizations Feb 16, 2003
U-M's fleet burns cleaner Feb 16, 2003
Plan now, plant later Feb 16, 2003
Methane and mini-horses: Fossils reveal effects of global warming Feb 16, 2003
Labs to tackle intestinal bacterium Feb 16, 2003
President Mary Sue Coleman University of Michigan Address to the American Council on Education Feb 16, 2003
Survey of U-M freshmen may reflect changes in outlook after 9-11 Feb 16, 2003
Nanotechnology project aims to provide miniature wearable air monitor Feb 13, 2003
Regents to meet Feb 12, 2003
NASA, Congressman to discuss future of space exploration, unveil new instrument Feb 11, 2003
Events address war's effects on health care workers, campus and community Feb 11, 2003
Great Lakes region flora and fauna facts, figures available on Web Feb 11, 2003
University of Michigan, birthplace of Peace Corps, remains high in representation Feb 10, 2003
"Chinese walls" fail to curb conflicts of interest in securities firms Feb 10, 2003
Paper discusses welfare sanctions and consequences for material hardship Feb 06, 2003