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Employers can save by helping employees get more active Jun 09, 2004
U-M's child advocacy program marks 10th anniversary Jun 08, 2004
U-M scientists part of new DOE-funded fusion science center Jun 08, 2004
Experts can discuss historic SpaceShipOne Jun 07, 2004
Obesity in developing countries compares to U.S. yo-yo dieting Jun 07, 2004
Latest increase in ACSI bodes well for economy Jun 06, 2004
Pay or go away: What would spammers do? Jun 06, 2004
Stamps gift enhances experience for art and design students Jun 06, 2004
Experts available for coverage related to Ronald Reagan Jun 06, 2004
Dementia often leads to nursing home admission Jun 03, 2004
Imagery helps older people remember medical advice Jun 03, 2004
Anthropologists to explore Grand Traverse Light station site Jun 03, 2004
Team designs unique tree house for kids with special needs Jun 03, 2004
Experts available for D-Day-related coverage and features Jun 02, 2004
Librarians' pointers to find quality health information online Jun 02, 2004
U-M researcher co-discovers meat-eating dinosaurs in Africa Jun 01, 2004
Museum of Art receives three leadership gifts totaling $2.5 million for building expansion and renovation project Jun 01, 2004
New U-M Center – CARSS – launches its first two projects Jun 01, 2004
Scientists propose ecology for a crowded planet May 31, 2004
The iceman cometh to U-M May 31, 2004