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University of Michigan student to present research on Capitol Hill Apr 11, 2005
A lonely walk home for Paul Revere Apr 11, 2005
U-M awards first Thomas Francis Jr. Medal to William Foege Apr 06, 2005
U-M measures changing attitudes of Roman Catholics Apr 06, 2005
Why women shy away from careers in science and math Apr 06, 2005
Mothers with mental illnesses benefit from extended family support Apr 05, 2005
U-M students in national competition building home of the future Apr 05, 2005
Sense of belonging helps people suffering depression Apr 05, 2005
Memories of polio live on in witnesses Apr 05, 2005
Scientists use manufacturing methods to reconstruct mastodon Apr 03, 2005
Pope John Paul II remembered at University of Michigan Wednesday Apr 03, 2005
Consumer confidence declined slightly in March Apr 03, 2005
U-M to host culinary history symposium Mar 31, 2005
Even in heaven, stars can only get so big Feb 02, 2005
Synthetic biology: Researchers mass produce genes on a chip Dec 22, 2004
Students flex policy analysis muscles in Small Arms Forum Dec 22, 2004
Confidence edges upward but slower economic growth expected Dec 22, 2004
Cigarette smoking among American teens continues eight-year decline Dec 20, 2004
Overall teen drug use continues gradual decline; but use of inhalants rises Dec 20, 2004
U-M continues modest salary program for 2004-2005 Dec 19, 2004