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Most Americans support renewable energy standards Jun 02, 2015
Turkey's parliamentary elections 'practically impossible to call' Jun 01, 2015
Livingston Awards announced for young journalists Jun 01, 2015
Spending outlook favorable despite May decline in consumer optimism May 29, 2015
When data is the best medicine May 29, 2015
U-M students uncover story behind 19th-century African-American 'selfies' May 29, 2015
High finance, high anxiety May 28, 2015
Cold improves longevity for some, shortens life span for others May 28, 2015
Rumor-detection software IDs disputed claims on Twitter May 28, 2015
Local leaders give high marks to road commissions May 28, 2015
U-M experts available to discuss FIFA corruption scandal May 27, 2015
Getting to work: Cities with the longest commutes May 27, 2015
Pinpointing natural cancer drug's true origins brings sustainable production a step closer May 27, 2015
Recycling nuclear waste: U-M helps test advanced reactor design May 27, 2015
How well does technology solve social problems? May 27, 2015
Using debt to maintain status quo leaves families on rocky road to recovery May 27, 2015
How to explain tropical biodiversity? Cross ‘faster evolution’ off the list May 26, 2015
Lowering the volume nationwide could reap big savings May 26, 2015
Online survey researchers should be cautious with trick questions May 26, 2015
Team Science: New report shows how to support collaborative research May 21, 2015