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Hospital admissions for older adults increased for weeks after natural disaster Aug 07, 2017
U-M engineering professor appointed as interim dean of Rackham Graduate School Aug 07, 2017
Individuals with bipolar disorder need workplace support Aug 07, 2017
U-M health professor to serve as interim dean of public health Aug 04, 2017
Animal coloration research: On the threshold of a new era Aug 03, 2017
Shake it up: Human-induced and natural earthquakes in central U.S. are 'inherently similar' Aug 02, 2017
Heat-conducting plastic could lead to lighter electronics, cars Aug 02, 2017
Pros and cons: Free dental care in exchange for community service Aug 02, 2017
$7.75M for mapping circuits in the brain Aug 02, 2017
Bold new approaches needed to shrink Gulf of Mexico dead zone and meet elusive goals Jul 31, 2017
Local leaders want more citizen engagement Jul 31, 2017
Outdoor drone complex for safe, bold flight testing Jul 28, 2017
Consumer sentiment lower but still favorable Jul 28, 2017
'Missing lead' in Flint water pipes confirms cause of crisis Jul 28, 2017
Three species of tiny frogs discovered in Peruvian Andes Jul 27, 2017
Is it just touch-and-go for brick-and-mortar stores? Jul 27, 2017
Same-race friends, peers tied to puberty-related outcomes among black girls Jul 27, 2017
Not just hot flashes: Research reveals need to address range of symptoms in midlife women Jul 26, 2017
New robot speeds sampling of ocean's biogeochemistry and health Jul 26, 2017
Growing collaborations in Ethiopia Jul 25, 2017