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Rotavirus transmission influenced by temperature, water movement Mar 05, 2018
Infant mortality: How can Michigan close the gap? Mar 05, 2018
U-M expert discusses Trump, tariffs, trade Mar 02, 2018
Jobs, wages, higher after-tax pay keeps consumer confidence high Mar 02, 2018
U-M exhibition highlights Gertrude Kasle's influence on Detroit's contemporary art scene Mar 02, 2018
Coastal care: Researchers work with communities to shore up effects of erosion Mar 01, 2018
U-M students share winning ideas to bring pop-up retail to Detroit's neighborhoods Mar 01, 2018
Cuba 'sonic attacks': A covert accident? Mar 01, 2018
U-M announces licensing agreement with Baxter for reconstructive surgery technology Mar 01, 2018
Masha Gessen to speak about new book inspired by Wallenberg Mar 01, 2018
Brain-gut communication in worms demonstrates how organs can work together to regulate lifespan Feb 27, 2018
More nurse practitioners serve less healthy, lower-income areas Feb 27, 2018
Black River Big History Project: Asking the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions Feb 27, 2018
The weight of racism: Daily onslaught of 'vigilance' affects health of black women Feb 27, 2018
Reforesting US topsoils store massive amounts of carbon, with potential for much more Feb 26, 2018
Award to fund U-M food systems anemia research in Africa Feb 23, 2018
Learning from the best in the gig economy Feb 21, 2018
First evidence of surprising ocean warming around Galápagos corals Feb 21, 2018
Getting sleepy? Fruit flies constantly tune into environmental temperature to time sleep Feb 21, 2018
Peace Corps: U-M in Top 10 for 18th straight year Feb 21, 2018