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Debates: Linguistic trick boosts poll numbers Oct 18, 2016
U-M-led team recovers 'most complete Michigan mastodon skeleton in many decades' from Thumb site Oct 17, 2016
Gender, sexuality in the Islamic culture Oct 17, 2016
Two U-Michigan faculty elected to prestigious National Academy of Medicine Oct 17, 2016
Vertical dance, interactive carillon concert mark Lurie Tower 20th anniversary Oct 17, 2016
Executive pay gets boost from common owners Oct 17, 2016
Truck emissions: Survey gauges trucking industry attitudes Oct 17, 2016
$27M investment to globalize driverless vehicle research Oct 15, 2016
New dwarf planet solar system's 2nd most distant Oct 14, 2016
Public supports bringing back home ec cooking lessons for the health of it Oct 14, 2016
Faster access to patient information results in improved emergency care Oct 14, 2016
U.S.-Russia tensions: U-M professor, former diplomat discusses Oct 14, 2016
Older adults gain weight when spouse is stressed out Oct 13, 2016
Legacy and death of Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej: U-M experts can discuss Oct 13, 2016
U-M launches Youth Policy Lab to improve young lives Oct 13, 2016
U-M, Microsoft, edX collaborate to enhance K-12 teaching, learning Oct 12, 2016
U-M welcomes Grand Valley to Semester in Detroit Oct 12, 2016
The India program is music to their ears Oct 11, 2016
Michigan universities collaborate to examine Flint water filters Oct 10, 2016
21st-century dancer: Experimental, paid performing arts internships give students rare opportunity Oct 10, 2016