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Marriages still resilient after the second child Aug 27, 2015
Youth with solid educational goals may steer clear of violence Aug 27, 2015
Bitter pill: Monarchs, milkweed and self-medication in a changing world Aug 27, 2015
Kids are prescribed, abusing controlled drugs earlier in life Aug 26, 2015
U-Michigan will test new approach to reaching high-achieving, low-income students Aug 26, 2015
Women in finance less likely to recommend their field to other women when stereotyped Aug 26, 2015
Local leaders' confidence in state's direction erodes Aug 26, 2015
Healthy Choices program for middle schoolers helps reduce obesity, encourage healthy habits Aug 25, 2015
Passion for your job? If not, it’s attainable Aug 21, 2015
Quiet design: Hospital experiments with sound panels to reduce noise Aug 18, 2015
Renovated West Quadrangle to reopen in the fall Aug 17, 2015
Gas mileage of vehicles on the road: Little progress since early '90s Aug 17, 2015
Documentary on India's Rajnikanth fandom to premiere at Venice Film Festival Aug 14, 2015
Harvesting invasive cattails to restore marsh biodiversity Aug 14, 2015
Stamps professor's TED Talk: 'How I snuck a memorial for Iraqi civilians into the U.S. government' Aug 13, 2015
Bad report card: Are parents too tough? Aug 13, 2015
U-Michigan part of new network to build sustainable, livable cities Aug 11, 2015
Hurricane Katrina: U-M experts available to discuss aftermath 10 years later Aug 11, 2015
Astronomers find 'teeny supermassive black hole' Aug 11, 2015
Crying in negotiations can help gain concessions Aug 11, 2015