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Targeted smallpox vaccination is best, but data still lacking Nov 20, 2002
New Great Lakes research, outreach and education partnership forms Nov 20, 2002
Stuff yourself with safe food this holiday season Nov 20, 2002
U.S. economy will pick up steam in the year ahead Nov 20, 2002
OSU and U-M libraries collaborate with online exhibits Nov 19, 2002
Public opinion pollster to discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict Nov 19, 2002
Public opinion pollster Asher Arian to discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict Nov 18, 2002
Customer satisfaction is up, despite low consumer confidence Nov 17, 2002
University honors three scholars with honorary degrees Nov 13, 2002
States act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; Case studies reveal opportunities and limitations Nov 13, 2002
Why do more couples live together but fewer marry? Nov 13, 2002
Researcher calls for new approach to biological disarmament Nov 13, 2002
Experts available on impact of video games Nov 12, 2002
Advisory: Plaque commemorates Native American land grant Nov 12, 2002
Visiting U-M Ford School of Public Policy professor named to United Nations post Bertini Nov 12, 2002
University celebrates history of land gift from Native Americans Nov 12, 2002
People who give, live longer: U-M study shows Nov 11, 2002
An opera lost...and found Nov 11, 2002
Enrollment reaches another record high Nov 11, 2002
Michael Boyd of the Royal Shakespeare Co.: "Why Shakespeare Matters to Me" Nov 10, 2002