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Academic Center schematic design approved by Regents Nov 19, 2003
Regents approve new parking structure Nov 19, 2003
Ambassador to Greece named speaker for winter commencement Nov 19, 2003
U-M experts available for Thanksgiving-related news and features Nov 18, 2003
U-M offers resources for covering anniversary of JFK tragedy Nov 18, 2003
Customer satisfaction gains not enough to sustain recent spending growth Nov 18, 2003
Concentrated mutual funds perform better, Michigan Business School study shows Nov 17, 2003
U-M study: U.S. among the most religious nations in the world Nov 16, 2003
Regents meeting Nov. 20 begins at 1:45 p.m. Nov 16, 2003
Border battles: 100th game between old rivals U-M, OSU Nov 12, 2003
U-M partners with Columbia University on $7.5 million child care research archive Nov 12, 2003
Michigan, Kyoto psychology researchers gather at U-M Nov 11, 2003
U-M receives federal grant to create disaster simulation center Nov 10, 2003
University of Michigan Regents to meet Nov. 20 Nov 10, 2003
University of Michigan endorses students for major scholarships Nov 09, 2003
Benefits of marriage: When mom and dad are married, the "odds of instability" are lower Nov 09, 2003
U-M conference: U.S. economic forecast and consumer outlook for 2004 Nov 09, 2003
College of Pharmacy receives donation to medicinal chemistry Nov 09, 2003
New Yorker cartoon editor discusses 'judging what's funny' Nov 06, 2003
Media preview for "Archaeologies of Childhood: The First Years of Life in Roman Egypt" Nov 04, 2003