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U-M philosopher applying theories to revive South Africa, Detroit Sept 28, 2003
Experts available to discuss Census data on the uninsured Sept 28, 2003
Solar storm could cause bigger blackout Sept 25, 2003
Experts available to discuss poverty and income data in U.S. Census Bureau report Sept 25, 2003
Researchers identify three human needs that enhance quality of life Sept 24, 2003
New documentary features U-M students' points of view Sept 24, 2003
Michigan Business School professor to present plan for Iraq at U.S.-Arab economic forum Sept 23, 2003
U-M and Polish scholars analyze Poland's historic social changes Sept 18, 2003
Parking plan rolled out to regents Sept 17, 2003
U-M research funding up 14.3 percent; largest increase since 1987 Sept 17, 2003
U-M president to speak at women's issues forum Sept 16, 2003
Michigan Quarterly Review fall issue released Sept 15, 2003
Entrepalooza will feature entrepreneurs Samuel Zell and Richard Snyder Sept 14, 2003
Project to increase women faculty scientists and engineers yields results Sept 14, 2003
Pedestrian bridge dedication Monday: A ribbon-tying ceremony Sept 11, 2003
Life Sciences and Society '03 lecture series starts Oct. 20 Sept 10, 2003
U-M experts available on UAW contract, labor relations Sept 10, 2003
U-M to receive EPA award at EnergyFest 2003 Sept 09, 2003
U-M economists tell WTO best ways to help poor nations Sept 09, 2003
Regents to meet Sept. 18 Sept 09, 2003