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Notable author and journalist, Ann Crittenden, to speak Sept 25, 2001
Specialists discuss Cuba's transition to the world market Sept 25, 2001
Josh Rosenthal Scholarship Fund established Sept 25, 2001
Wallerstein at conference honoring the late psychologist Neil Kalter Sept 25, 2001
Festival features works of Leslie Bassett Sept 25, 2001
University and Pfizer reach agreement on land sale Sept 25, 2001
Reactions of U.S. consumers to terrorist attack Sept 24, 2001
Drug use "sensitizes" the brain, making recovering addicts vulnerable to relapse Sept 24, 2001
School of Nursing introduces concentration in treating frail and elderly patients Sept 24, 2001
The United States, the Middle East and Islam Sept 23, 2001
Mies comes to Michigan Sept 23, 2001
Programs receive national education awards Sept 23, 2001
Additional meningitis vaccination clinics Sept 23, 2001
Prospective student Winter Commencement speaker deadline Sept 23, 2001
A giant step forward in the small new world of nanotechnology Sept 20, 2001
Michigan Quarterly Review features distinguished writers, poets Sept 20, 2001
"Imagining Michigan 2001"—Uniting campuses and communities Sept 19, 2001
Culture Bus trips focus on Detroit sites Sept 18, 2001
Hill Auditorium renovation project gets $2 million gift Sept 18, 2001
Summer Undergraduate Hopwood Awards are announced Sept 17, 2001