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Engineering dean says diversity is key to future competitiveness Jul 21, 1999
Annual earnings are up for the poor as well as for the rich Jul 19, 1999
Model shows relationship between H. pylori bacteria, human hosts Jul 19, 1999
Heart failure deaths reduced by 30 percent Jul 18, 1999
Young subjects needed for study of physical activity Jul 15, 1999
Gift will enhance library and Musical Society Jul 15, 1999
Regents approve new budget, tuition and fee levels Jul 14, 1999
Regents approve renovation project in Medical Science Buildings Jul 14, 1999
Regents approved LS&A Building renovation project Jul 14, 1999
Hospitals and Health Centers budget looks to build on recent success Jul 14, 1999
Regents approve programming work for Life Sciences Institute building Jul 14, 1999
Four faculty members retire Jul 14, 1999
Mobile telephones pose a risk of explosion at service stations Jul 14, 1999
Regents approve appointments to professorships Jul 14, 1999
Regents approve administrative appointments Jul 14, 1999
Regents approve tenure appointments Jul 14, 1999
Customized mouth guards free to student athletes and others Jul 14, 1999
Management Briefing Seminars Aug. 2-6 Jul 14, 1999
New study measures results of 30 years of affirmative action at U-M Law School Jul 13, 1999
Aspirin component prevents antibiotic-induced deafness Jul 12, 1999