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State-of-the-art virtual campus tour for prospective students Jun 18, 2002
Internet Public Library has a new design for its Web site Jun 18, 2002
School of Dentistry sponsors annual free mouth guard clinic July 27 Jun 18, 2002
School of Nursing adding to geriatric nursing curriculum Jun 16, 2002
Regents meet June 20 Jun 16, 2002
Migrant workers in northern Michigan to receive dental care Jun 13, 2002
Reactions to terrorism: Attitudes and anxieties Jun 11, 2002
Lakeshore development affects birds in subtle, but significant, ways Jun 10, 2002
Netherlandic treasures on exhibit Jun 10, 2002
Regents meet June 20 Jun 10, 2002
Life Sciences receive $15.3 million from Michigan Life Science Corridor Jun 06, 2002
Appetite for apatite: Rock-eating fungi help "mine" minerals Jun 05, 2002
"Digital microscopes" replacing standard in Dentistry course Jun 04, 2002
"Women's Voices: Early Years at the U-M" now online Jun 03, 2002
Economic growth's pace raises concerns about future job prospects Jun 02, 2002
Policies to reduce poverty explored in newly released book May 30, 2002
Business School Prof. Richard Andrews died suddenly in Brazil May 30, 2002
Study shows how common retirements are, their impact on jobs May 29, 2002
Meet Mary Sue Coleman;telecast of May 29th Regents meeting and press briefing May 29, 2002
Regents elect Mary Sue Coleman president Mary Sue Coleman May 28, 2002