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African Americans care about the environment as much or more than whites May 28, 2003
Papyrus online brings ancient scribes to the public May 26, 2003
Slottow new executive vice president and chief financial officer May 22, 2003
U-M study helps define why fewer women choose math-based careers May 21, 2003
U-M Solar Car ready to shine May 20, 2003
Customer satisfaction rebounds sharply, in spite of slow economy May 20, 2003
U-M student leftovers find new homes May 18, 2003
Student drug testing not effective in reducing drug use May 18, 2003
The big undo: A time machine for corporate computing May 15, 2003
New materials show promise for hydrogen fuel storage May 14, 2003
U-M computing grid will foster innovation and collaboration May 14, 2003
Second regional stormwater detention basin to be built at U-M May 14, 2003
Regents approve schematic design for School of Public Health buildings renovation May 14, 2003
U-M professor recommends renewal of nonprofit infrastructure May 13, 2003
Terrence McDonald recommended as dean of LSA May 13, 2003
Public knows no more about genetics than in 1990 May 12, 2003
University of Michigan cell biologist Daniel J. Klionsky named a Distinguished Teaching Scholar May 08, 2003
Famed astrophysicist will describe "The Dark Side of the Universe" May 08, 2003
U.S. scholarly organizations unite to protect Iraqi cultural heritage May 08, 2003
School of Information Digital Tool Kit aims to polish May 07, 2003