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Web-based program helps teachers, wins White House recognition Jul 11, 2002
FDA says nasal spray flu vaccine needs no additional clinical trials Jul 10, 2002
Statements re: Life Sciences Institute leadership Jul 09, 2002
President Bush honors three researchers Jul 09, 2002
Smallpox vaccine since the 1700s Jul 09, 2002
Fair fare: 20th century exposition in the Clements Library Jul 09, 2002
Nasal spray flu vaccine developed at U-M needs no additional clinical trials, says FDA Jul 09, 2002
Tip Sheet: Experts on a variety of antibiotics-related issues Jul 08, 2002
Regents will meet July 18 Jul 08, 2002
Consumer confidence declines: Slower growth Jun 30, 2002
Call for addressing disparity in health services to Latino children Jun 30, 2002
World's first full-scale reconfigurable machine tool created Jun 30, 2002
"You Drink and Drive. You Lose" Jun 26, 2002
Distant, massive black hole seen feeding its jet, spurts like geyser Jun 25, 2002
U-M psychologist Elizabeth Douvan died June 15 at age 76 Jun 23, 2002
New residence hall safety and security initiatives Jun 19, 2002
State-of-the-art virtual campus tour for prospective students Jun 18, 2002
Internet Public Library has a new design for its Web site Jun 18, 2002
School of Dentistry sponsors annual free mouth guard clinic July 27 Jun 18, 2002
School of Nursing adding to geriatric nursing curriculum Jun 16, 2002